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ADAPINC™: antibodies directed against proteins in native conformation
Antibodies directed against proteins in native conformation (ADAPINC™) are raised by genetic immunization using cDNA encoding either defined subdomains or the full length protein. ADAPINC™ are suitable for monitoring protein expression by flow cytometry, immunohistology and ELISA as well as for protein purification by immunoprecipitation and affinity chromatography. In other words, ADAPINC™ work in many applications in which anti-peptide antibodies fail. ADAPINC™ have been raised successfully against cell surface proteins, transcription factors and cytosolic enzymes. Transfection of full length cDNA expression vectors into CHO or HEK293 cells provides a convenient positive control for antibody reactivity.
Custom antibody production:
We offer both, antibody production service and collaborative projects to raise and to distribute polyclonal and/or monoclonal antibodies against your protein of interest. All that is required is a functional mammalian expression construct for your protein of interest.

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